Robbie Valentino

Robert "Robbie" Stacey Valentino is Wendy Corduroy's ex-boyfriend from Gravity Falls and the love rival of Dipper Pines over her affections from until the couple's breakup and start dating Tambry.


Robbie has shaggy black hair in a typical eye-covering "emo style" hairdo, pale skin and several piercings in his ears. He usually wears tight skinny jeans with a keychain attached to the pocket, and a black hoodie with a picture of a red bleeding heart with stitches on it--which in fact can be purchased at the Edgy On Purpose clothing store, along with black fingerless gloves. He has also been seen with a black guitar strapped to his back on occasion. He has black flat shoes with a white bottom on both. He has a sparse stubble (two strands of small hairs) on his chin, and a few pimples scattered around his face. Like some other characters on the show, he has a light pink nose.


In terms of personality, Robbie is a stereotypical moody teenager, laid back and apathetic. He is condescending, especially toward younger individuals (i.e. Dipper). His careless attitude makes him negligent of others' needs, thoughts, opinions, etc., though he does express a certain—albeit limited—degree of concern for Wendy. Like Dipper, he is anxious to win Wendy's love, and this mutual goal only fuels their fierce, incessant rivalry. Robbie is known to be reckless, prideful, and dishonest, as well.


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