James Nixon McGarfield

James "Jimmy" Nixon McGarfield is the love rival of Nigel Uno/Numbuh One over Lizzie Devine's affections from Codename: Kids Next Door.

Jimmy is the main antagonist in "Operation: S.N.O.W.I.N.G.", in a parody of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He betrays his fourth graders by planning kidnapping them all on a snow day and forcing them to attend an assembly at the school. Using his Bus Walkers (a parody of the AT-AT's), Jimmy successfully kidnaps all but one person. During the assembly, Jimmy announces that, to be ruler, he will need a queen. In fact the whole reason for his switch to evil was to make Lizzie Devine fall for him. He even has a discussion with her on the matter when she is brought before him. He shows Lizzie her crown which was a modified "boyfriend helmet" made to warp her mind into thinking that Jimmy is her boyfriend. When Numbuh One arrived, however, he clashed 'blades' with the usurper. At the end of their battle, Lizzie announces that she loves Jimmy, which crushes Numbuh One. As Jimmy was about the finish him off, Numbuh One blocked the attack with the soup container he was given by Lizzie earlier. The container breaks, and the soup falls and lands on Lizzie's crown. The soup causes it to malfunction and explode, destroying the school in the process. Jimmy is taken to the KND Arctic Prison, where he finds his new girlfriend - his secretary, Anna Worthington.