Bawz (バンジョー Banjō) best known as "The head of the school" He is a minor character in Dr. Slump's anime and manga, with very few appearances. He is the love rival of Obotchaman over Arale Norimaki's affections. He got an appointment at their first meeting, but ended up being a tremendous failure, years after the Pinguin Village returns and tries to marry Arale, but fails, still it usually appears in the village as a character background, debit interest in Arale, he and Obotchaman maintain a strong rivalry, often is fighting for her attention, however, neither he nor Obotchaman were able to confess her feelings for Arale, and she only thought about having larger breasts, missiles, or fly like Gatchan, being both Banjo as Obotchaman in the same state (although from the beginning Obotchaman had more chances of sticking with Arale). It is unknown what happened to the after Arale and Obotchaman marry (though perhaps he is being left with Kinoko).